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Marcel & Adisa Wedding photos (319)_edit

Adisa & Marcel

We have searched for a true artist for our wedding.  After our wedding, we wished to say “Wow, was that really our wedding?” They show our story through emotions, not just posing in front of the camera.


From the first second, we felt great because of their relaxed approach. Somehow they knew how to calm us down when we were nervous on our wedding day and we didn’t even notice them, which was really important to us. There is nothing worse when you’re nervous and someone is always around you with a camera, right? The best thing was that knew how to recognize the perfect moments and catch them with the camera, without any discomfort or awkwardness.


Simply said, they managed to make everything unforgettable! We’re happy that we spent the most beautiful day of our life with them and would definitely recommend Lookman. This way we want to say thank you to Lookman for all the wonderful memories you have given us. We watched our wedding video again and again, cried, and laughed at the same time. Lookman has exceeded all our expectations and definitely pulled out the best of us!


Thank you for your friendship

Wedding couple

Selma & Dino

We realized how important it is to choose the right people you work with on your wedding day.


Lookman perfectly knew how to fulfill our most important and most beautiful day with joy, laughter, and love. Thank you for every smile, for all the jokes, and for every nice word.


We felt as if we had known each other for a long time. We felt comfortable and free with them, without faking anything and being someone else in front of the camera. Lookman simply accepted us as we were and pulled out all the best from us.


Lookman was everything we expected and even more. Everything was better than we could ever imagine. Sead and his team are true professionals, they perfectly know how to work with cameras and have experience in the field.


Most importantly, they have a big heart full of understanding. We are happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people.


Lookman team, thank you for being part of the happiest day of our lives.

Lookman feel

Who is you?

Lookman Film is an idea and practice of free, modern and unique, out of the box approach of work on videography that used to be a hobby but grew to love then to passion and then to obsession.

Although I am recognized as a brand in the world of weddings, my international experience has made it possible to enter various kinds of videography sectors. These years of experience include promotional spot videos for companies, musical spot videos, documentaries and short films, just as announcements and event videos.

Meet Sead

First Look_-260_edited.jpg

I love logic and freedom. Aside from my obsession with new technologies, my big passion is music and dance, movies, traveling, psychology, and books related to spiritual and intellectual development.


I’m a camera Jedi, hyperactive dancer, loud laughter, jokes on my own account, but yours too. That’s what you’ll hear that day.


I can proudly say that I am among 50 best videographers of the world on WEVA-Worldwide Event Videographers Association, that has over 6500 members.

I strongly believe in love. One of the sayings I use often is:


My daily mission is to share moments of joy, happiness, pride, and love with others through video.

Featured and Awarded in:

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Let’s get to know each other

I enjoy working with couples who are adventures, unconstrained, spiritual and modern because they inspire me the most to make magical videos of their unique story.

If you found yourselves in these words, get in touch and tell me all about your perfect wedding day!

To know more about availability, prices and packages, please fill in the form on the left side. I will get you all the answers you need as soon as possible.


I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hi, I'm Sead Okic, friends call me Logic.

Feel free to call me to. I'm pretty open for all serious, especially for the funny question.

Here is my phone number:


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